December 21, 1970

1970s Two missions in Mexico open

It was 1979 when we opened our first missions in Mexico, in Temascalapa, about a 90-minute drive from Mexico City, and Buenavista Tomatlán, near Guadalajara.  Both were sprawling rural parishes with multiple chapels serving thousands of Catholic families. Today, Missionary Servants have the pastoral care of Parroquia San Martín Caballero (St. Martin of Tours) in Iztapalapa, the most remote “borough” in Mexico City and Parroquia Santa María Ajoloapan located about 38 miles north of Mexico City as well as our Novitiate in Huitzila, not far from Ajoloapan.  Most recently a new mission project, the Hands of the Potter, offers workshops to teach, inspire and animate the laity in being missionary disciples.

Resources for the Centennial Celebration

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